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Organising a special Birthday with Party Photo Booth

Birthdays are a very special occasion, and as such, they should be celebrated with your friends and family who have helped make the year another memorable one. Often as we get older, many of us tend to dismiss throwing a birthday party and opt for a simpler affair. However, birthday parties aren’t just for celebrating milestones like your sweet sixteenth! They’re also a great tradition that should be carried on throughout the years. So whether you’re turning 20, 70, or somewhere in between, here’s a few ways you can organise an extra special birthday party for your special day.
We all know the staple items for a birthday party (think cakes and balloons), but often it’s hard to know how to make it an extra special party, setting it apart from the rest. Here’s a few easy tips to make it the perfect birthday bash for you and your friends!

1. Picking the location
Think about the kind of event and atmosphere you would like for your birthday. Maybe you want a fun, festive, garden party in your backyard or a park. Or, you could mix it up with a fancy venue like a hotel or function room, and enjoy a nice dinner and drinks with your friends. However you want to spend your day, make sure it’s something you feel comfortable with – after all, it’s your day.

2. Pick a theme
Often the thought of a theme for a birthday seems like a hassle. But more often than not, it turns out to be a real hit with the guests – I mean, how many times do you get to play dress up? From all-out themes like the 80’s, to having a simple colour everyone has to wear, adding a theme is a great way to get guests involved and set your party apart from every other year! You can even theme your food and music for an extra-special affair!

3. Add a photo booth
Nothing says a memorable party better than a photo booth! Always guaranteed to go down a treat with your guests, party photo booths are a great way to keep guests entertained and to capture special memories from the day. You can even select the props to go inside your party photo booths when you choose photo booth hire in London, so that the pictures you create are even more inventive, and festive!

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